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Art Craft Plaster

Chawla industries make plaster of paris specially designed for students, to nourish their creative skills as well as learn more as per their dreams. We provide assurance on health and hygiene in term if their kids use our POP powder for any kind of craft purposes.

Building Plaster

Building Plaster is a gypsum based POP powder suitable for application on most internally lined surfaces like walls and ceiling , renovation of old scrapped surfaces & RCC concrete surfaces. It consists of gypsum hemihydrates formulated with special additives to enhance working and setting characteristics. After driness it provides a white, smooth matt finish surface ready for painting.

Chalk Powder

We also deals in Plaster of paris for chalk manufacturing in india . We offer excellence range of white chalk powder as per demand and requirement of order, we never compromise on quality.

Surgical Plaster

An orthopedic cast, body cast, plaster cast, or surgical cast is a shell, frequently made from plaster, encasing a limb (or, in some cases, large portions of the body) to stablise and hold anatomical structures, most often a broken bone (or bones), in place until healing is confirmed. It is similar in function to a splint.
Plaster bandages consist of a cotton bandage that has been combined with plaster of paris, which hardens after it has been made wet. Plaster of Paris is calcined gypsum (roasted gypsum), grinded to a fine powder by milling. When water is added, the more soluble form of calcium sulfate returns to the relatively insoluble form, and heat protected.

Statue Plaster

We provide the highest grade statuary plaster so that your statues have smooth surface and high strength and the brightest white in appearance. It requires less paint because of fine smooth surface than traditional statues, so the paint has a solid smooth surface area to adhere.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Chemical Formula: CASO4. 2H20 Fine Powder Hygroscopic in nature is prepared by powdering and calcination of Gypsum (CaSo4 . 2H2O) Mixing Ratio 100 gm Plaster of Paris with 70 C.C. of water Rise in Temperature 12 to 14° C (More than ambient temperature time.) Colour-White Odourless Powder.